The existence of dark matter has been indicated in many astrophysical
phenomena, but the nature of dark matter still remains a great
mystery. Complementary dark matter searches with different detection
methods are crucial to illuminate the nature and the origin of dark
matter. In this talk, I will be presenting my research on both the
SuperCDMS (direct dark matter search) and the GAPS (indirect dark
matter search) experiments as well as the scientific roles of the
projects in the dark matter search. While SuperCDMS measures the dark
matter scattering within the detector, GAPS focuses on low-energy
antiprotons and antideuterons produced by dark matter annihilation and
decay in the dark matter halo. Both projects are funded for a science
run/flight and will begin taking data in 2020. I will also be
introducing a new project/concept, GRAMS (gamma-ray and antimatter
survey) that I have been developing over the past year. GRAMS is the
first experiment aiming for both MeV gamma-ray observation and
antimatter-based dark matter search using a LAr-TPC detector. Through
GRAMS, we can explore astrophysical objects in the MeV energy domain
(“MeV gap”) while pursuing dark matter.

Event Outline

Dr. Tsuguo Aramaki (SLAC)
Hunting for Dark Matter with SuperCDMS, GAPS and GRAMS
2018/06/11 13:30 - 14:30
Okochi Hall (Bldg. No. C32)